Swirleez is now open from 11AM-8PM every Wednesday - Sunday!

Welcome to Swirleez  

We are known for our premium frozen yogurt, unique desserts, and vegan and dairy-free options! Choose from our rotating menu of classic, fruity and decadent flavours, and top your creation with fresh fruit, granola, candy, cookie bits and more! We also offer beautiful froyo cakes, delicious milkshakes, healthy smoothies, vegan popsicles, and a special Swirleppuccino drink (our version of an iced cappuccino). We guarantee that each of our creations will make for a wonderfully delightful experience that satisfies all taste buds! Order online and treat yourself to our unique flavours, or bring a smile to someone’s face with a sweet Swirleez gift today  


The Swirleez Story   

In March 2013, on a family trip to Myrtle Beach, our family discovered a quaint frozen yogurt shop with bistro tables and a very friendly owner. She informed us about all the health benefits of frozen yogurt and was kind enough to guide us around the shop. We were so impressed by the machines that held rich, creamy frozen yogurt in various flavours. Then came the selection of fresh fruit, syrups, granola, graham crackers, cookie crumbs, candy and more! Needless to say, we were hooked on this innovative concept. Soon after that fantastic trip, the idea for Swirleez was born! We then selected the name, incorporated the business and began our search for the ideal location. We found one that was entirely complete with a beautiful lakefront patio in Barrie!   

Swirleez is all about making a healthy, sweet frozen treat a FUN experience for all ages! Bringing Swirleez to life has been an exhilarating experience for us. We look forward to bringing unique healthy creations and tantalizing tastes to the residents and tourists of Barrie.  

Thank you for supporting Swirleez. We now offer pick-up and local delivery. Order online today! 







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