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Easter Ideas to Stay Connected!

Easter Pops

As we head into Easter weekend, unfortunately many of us cannot get together this year again with our loved ones. While your families large Easter gathering will have to wait until next year, we need to be creative in the ways we spend time with family this festive period as we can still celebrate from afar. It’s important to connect somehow, by embracing technology that’s available or by sending a sweet gift. 

Make your Easter weekend special, even with having to social distance. Here are some simple ways to reach out and spend time together with your family and loved ones.

Video Call – while you might not be able to sit in the same room as them, there’s no reason you can’t spend time together. Schedule a family video call with FaceTime, Houseparty or a conferencing service. 

Virtual Game Night – have a fun-filled evening hosting game night virtually, it can be a great way to have some laughs with your loved ones. 

Virtual Egg Hunt – take your traditional egg hunt online! Each family member can create hints for the kids to go find their Easter eggs.

Host a Virtual Dinner – holding your holiday dinner online can be fun! You can cook together via video chat then sit down and enjoy your meal together.

Send a Homemade Card/Letter – there’s something so special about personalized cards and letters. Send a heartfelt message to your loved ones this holiday. 

Send A Gift To Your Loved Ones – A great way to spread some cheer and celebrate the holiday is by sending a thoughtful gift. For those who are able, sending a gift locally to your loved ones is a very thoughtful gesture… everyone loves ice cream or frozen yogurt!

Our Easter pops are cute, festive, tasty frozen treats and a great way to spread joy and happiness through the holidays!

The bunnies are dipped in either Premium White Chocolate or Cherry Cream Chocolate with a Vanilla or Strawberry Frozen Yogurt inside. The ears and feet are made from mini marshmallows. 

The chicks are a Mango/Vanilla swirl frozen yogurt inside and dipped in a Lemon or White  Chocolate coating.

These Easter Pops will make a wonderful fun holiday gift idea that will surely put a smile on anyone who receives and eats them!

Order your Easter Pops today by clicking the link below:

Wishing you a safe and happy Easter! 

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