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The Next Generation of Popsicles

Other than the nostalgia of the red, white and blue double, water-based popsicles from the 1970s, popsicles have now become more like dessert on a stick! Anything goes in a popsicle these days. One can add milk or cream, frozen yogurt or gelato, fruit, alcohol, cookies, than dip them in tasty flavoured chocolate and roll them in a myriad of fun toppings. At some establishments, like Magnum in New York City, customers can choose from a wide selection of coatings and toppings to dress their naked popsicle.

Are you a water-based or milk-based popsicle lover? Do you care? Have you ever tried a boozy popsicle? Would you like to? The selection for popsicles has now become almost endless. Vegans can rejoice now too, as the options to enjoy a tasty dairy-free frozen treat are abound and much more accessible and tasty!

At Swirleez, we have taken popsicles to an art form. We create popsicles from a variety of gelato or frozen-yogurt bases, often mixing flavours like Chocolate gelato and Raspberry frozen yogurt or Vanilla frozen yogurt and Dairy-Free Blood Orange sorbet (can anyone say, Creamsicle?) than dip them in different, brightly coloured and flavoured premium chocolate coatings (sometimes more than one) and decorate them with faces and expressions to give them each their own character. See some of our fun, Christmas characters we have created from adding toppings like white chocolate curls, mini chocolate chips and sprinkles here in our Smile Pops collection and Holiday Pops at http://www.swirleez.com.

These unique and tasty frozen treats are available in packages of 4, 8 or 12 and make a wonderful fun holiday gift idea that will surely put a smile on anyone who receives and eats them! And we all could use a smile these days in 2020! Call us at (705) 25205129 or email to place your order now! Our e-store is coming soon….stay tuned!

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